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Think You've Finally Found the Business You've Been Searching For?

Then The Laser Group's Two-Tape, Nearly Three-Hour, Fast-Track Introductory Pack was Designed with You in Mind. Order it, Without-Risk, and See for Yourself what this Exciting and Booming Business is ALL About!

Deciding to go into business for yourself is a big decision. Doing your homework, reading about the industry and doing market research in your area are among the most important first steps of your decision making process.

For many of us, though, after doing all of that homework we are still left with several big questions. Here are some of the the most frequently asked questions... What is the remanufacturing process all about? Where do the customers come from? How long does it take to properly remanufacture the toner cartridge? What sort of mechanical skill is needed for this business? What sorts of tools are used in the remanufacturing process? What types of companies use remanufactured toner cartridges? How much money can you make on the average cartridge remanufacture? Can this be done part time? Can I operate this business out of a home or apartment?

Are those questions similar to the ones you have been asking yourself? If they are, you are not alone. As a way of answering those questions, and many more just like them, as effectively as possible, we came up with our Fast-Track Introductory Pack.

Our Fast - Track Introductory Pack contains two of our most popular instructional videotapes, toner cartridge remanufacturing industry manual and a pack of "yummy" microwave popcorn (for your maximum eating enjoyment while you are watching the videos), all for only $49.95 ($39.95 if you order it on-line via our secure shopping cart!).

Complete Details of the Remanufacturing Industry!

The first of the two tapes included in this set is our "Toner Cartridge Remanufacturing - The 'Black Gold of the New Millenium" demo tape. This seventy-minute tape covers all of the most important topics in the remanufacturing business. Starting with a 10-minute overview of the Canon EP-S/SX remanufacturing process (more commonly known as the Hewlett Packard Series II/III toner cartridge, the most widely used toner cartridge in the world, accounting for 50 - 60% of all the cartridges you will run into) and then moving on to the most important topics; Where do you find your customers, how much money do you make on the average remanufacture (most professionals do not make this much per hour), what types of companies will be your best prospects (the answer will probably surprise you), what the most popular cartridges look like, what the printers look like, and much more.

Learn to Remanufacture the
Hewlett Packard 4000 (Canon LBP52X)

While the first tape is important, the second tape is the one that will really hit home for most of you. The second tape in our Fast-Track Introductory Pack is tape number 14 from our industry-acclaimed fourteen-tape series of videotapes. Tape number 14 reveals our complete, proprietary remanufacturing process used on the hottest selling laser printer "engine" today, the Canon LBP52X toner cartridge (found in the Hewlett Packard Series 4000/4050). 

This tape is the exact same tape #14 we include in our complete series. Nothing has been edited out, no secrets have been conveniently omitted, this one hour and forty minute tape shows everything you need to know to properly and expertly remanufacture the HP4000/4050 (Canon LBP52X) cartridge.

Based on our nearly twelve years of research and development and the experience gained in the remanufacture of more than 200,000 toner cartridges, this tape will show you firsthand whether this procedure is something you can do, and if so, whether it is the sort of work you could enjoy, excel at and take pride in, the way we do.

100% - 125% Credit Toward Purchase!

There is an unlimited, unconditional, money-back guarantee on our Fast - Track Introductory Pack. Take as long as you like to look at it, view it as many times as you want, call us with any and all questions you think of while looking at the tapes or reading through the manuals. When, and if, you decide this is truly the business for you, give us a call and we will apply the full $49.95 purchase price of the Introductory Set to your purchase of our complete set of videotapes, manuals and "Business-in-a-Box".  (We'll even apply the full $49.95 purchase price to the purchase of our complete set of videotapes, even if you bought the Fast-Track Introductory Pack on-line for only $39.95!  That's like getting 125% credit toward the purchase price of our training materials1).

100% Money - Back Guarantee!

On the other hand, if you should decide this is not the business for you, if you decide that even though this business represents a fantastic way to make money while working at home, if you decide you just want to continue to "punch the clock", working "nine-to-five" for some unappreciative goon with no prospects for advancement, simply send back all of our materials and we will refund your entire $49.95 purchase price (the $5.00 for shipping and handling will not be refunded).  (Please include a note telling us why you feel this business isn't for you to help us make our training even better.)

Buy our "Fast - Track Introductory Pack", on-line, NOW!