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Laser Group Cover Stories - As Originally Featured in Two Leading Remanufacturing Industry Magazines (with ANOTHER on the way!)

We are extremely proud of the fact that our company and its training materials have been featured as the cover story on the two premiere industry publications.  (A third industry publication is in the process of writing an entirely new article about our fantastic training for the new millenium!)

No other training firm has ever been featured on a single magazine cover (not to mention - THREE!).  The reason?  When it comes to recognizing the best toner cartridge remanufacturing training in the world - all three magazines did their homework and found out the same thing - The Laser Group is your only choice!

»"R&R News" Cover Story

This is our favorite article for a number of reasons.  It gets to the heart of the business and details our philosophy about why the remanufacturing industry is one of the hottest business opportunities in the world.  If you want to know more about the "hows" and "whys" of this business and our role in helping you stake your successful claim, this is the article to read and read again!  This article is in Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 3.0) format. The file size with some snazzy pictures (oh,boy!) is approximately 340K and well worth the time to download.

Download the article now.

»"Recharger" Cover Story

Almost as good as the above article, this is the remanufacturing industry article detailing how we grew The Laser Group from a less than $1000 investment (which at the time my wife/partner said, "This will never work!"), operating out of a corner of our basement to a business grossing more than seven figures per year in 8,000 square feet of commercial space. (It doesn't mention our latest and happiest move down to Florida (near Ft. Lauderdale), a 2,000 square foot office area (in a separate wing of our home), two over-sized garages, and two rental spaces). This very flattering article (if I do say so, myself) is in Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 3.0) format. The article includes a ton of pictures which made for a much larger file size (approximately 1meg).  If you are serious about this business, you have to download this article and read it over and over.

Download the article now.

»"Small Business Opportunities" Matthew Brandt - Feature Story

Not only are we the only firm to have been featured by all three of the premiere remanufacturing industry publications, the success of one of our trainees has now been featured in an article in Small Business Opportunities magazine.  Once again, we are the only firm to have achieved this sort of recognition.

Matthew Brandt started in this business less than five years ago with no knowledge of this industry.  Prior to purchasing our training (it was $795 back then and the price still hasn't gone up in over five years!), the only thing he knew about toner cartridge remanufacturing was that the business had a very promising future.

With the knowledge he gained through the use of our Training Materials and the tools and supplies in our "Business-in-a-Box" he drove his business to the $2 MILLION mark in under five years!  We are very proud of Matthew and his success.  If you want to hear yet another point of view on this industry and see for yourself what our industry-acclaimed training can do for you, read this article NOW! 

Download the article now.

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