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Laser Group Certified Supplies, Tools, Equipment and Training Materials

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The Laser Group Offers the World's BEST Remanufacturing Supplies

We offer remanufacturing supplies and replacement components for the most popular toner cartridges in the industry. The huge advantage you gain in purchasing supplies from The Laser Group is the fact that all of these supplies are used in our own remanufactured cartridges which serve a discriminating customer base of over 4,500 customers around the country. We use only what we sell and sell only what we use.

Unfamiliar with cryptic, "EP-S/SX" types of engine designations? Need to cross-reference your laser printer, fax machine or photocopier? Don't despair... Check out our on-line compatibility list - NOW!

The Details (Shipping, Payment, etc.)

To buy any of these items, or for additional details, call us at 954.957.8882, Fax us at 954.957.7728 or email us. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, Discover, C.O.D. using personal or company checks (when a voided copy of the check is faxed to us first Fax: 954.957.7728).

Shipping is not included and will be charged at whatever price we are charged by our shipper (we usually use UPS to make certain your supplies and/or training materials get to you in one piece, on-time). Except for universities and other government agencies, all purchases must be paid for in advance or sent C.O.D.