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What Our Customers and Trainees Say...

About Our Toner Cartridges:

"In our extensive in-house testing, we found no difference between the performance of your cartridges and the HP originals. That is truly unbelievable performance out of a cartridge which costs half as much. We're sold!" Howard B. - Merrill Lynch*

"We were completely opposed to ever trying another remanufactured cartridge. Our prior experience was terrible with several other firm's cartridges. When we asked your salesperson to explain why your cartridges were different or better than the rest, she refused. She was very polite, very sincere and very direct when she said, 'Words mean nothing, performance is everything. Take us up on our no-obligation trial. If you like our cartridges, pay us. If you don't, send them back and they will cost you nothing. But, I know just like everyone else, you'll like them.' We tried them and she was absolutely right. I'm still curious why your cartridges work so well and at such a great price. Maybe someday she'll reveal your secrets." Steve F. - U.S. Air Force*

"Being a high-tech VLSI photomask software design firm, we needed cartridges which produce extremely high-resolution output. The Laser Group cartridges do everything we thought only the OEM cartridges could do and at a fantastic price." Greg O. - Seed Solutions*

"Although our 'official' policy is to advocate the use of only brand-new cartridges, in our large department, we rely heavily on cartridges from The Laser Group. Your cartridge quality is the same as our new cartridges and page output seems higher. Even buying our own brand of cartridges at our cost, our price is nowhere near as low as what you charge. Keep up the good work!" (employee name and computer company name withheld by request)*

"The cost savings we are able to achieve through your CAP program paid for over a dozen new computers last semester. New computers paid for through savings on toner cartridges. Admirable in the era of ever-shrinking department funding." Dave C. - NIU*

"The Laser Group's cartridges have saved us thousands of dollars in the more than seven years we have been using them. Simply stated - they work." Cecilia H. - ABC*

"It was an unusual plan; a law firm deciding to remanufacture their own toner cartridges in-house. We used your training and the cost savings was nearly $50,000 the first year. Before, our techs would read the paper and sleep while waiting for a computer or copier to go down. Now they keep busy remanufacturing toner cartridges. A former cost center is now a profit center." Eric A. - (The name of this very large international law firm withheld by agreement)*

About Our Toner Cartridge Remanufacturing Training:

"After months of research and study, we concluded The Laser Group's training is the best out there, bar none. We looked at every other training package we could find. Some were cheaper, some were more expensive. No matter which ones we looked at, they couldn't compare to the quality, detail, clarity and completeness of your package. Thanks to you and your training, we now have the successful home-based business we always dreamed of." John M. - Illinois*

"I made the mistake of buying a training package that cost about half of what your package costs. Once I got it I knew it wasn't worth the paper it was written on. The manuals were terrible, their four videos looked worse than my kid's birthday videos. When I complained to them, they wouldn't even give me my money back. After buying your complete videos and 'Business-in-a-Box', I'm back on track (but my wife won't let me forget that we would have been much farther along had we bought your package to begin with)." Gary Z. - Wisconsin*

"When I got your literature package, I thought, 'There's no way I'm gonna' read 28 pages of hype about cartridge remanufacturing.' Just like you said I would, I read it over and over and over. I learned more about the business from your literature pack than I ever imagined. The most amazing thing is, in less than six months I'm making more money out of my basement than I used to make in a year at my former job. I'm glad you took the time you did to make this business as easy to understand as you did. We're forever grateful." Roger P. - Canada*

"As I told you when I met you, you saved my life. I was a disabled Vietnam vet, former truck driver who could no longer drive because of a severe back injury and nearly bankrupt. They repo'd my brand-new Peterbilt and I had only $1,000 left to my name. After feverishly searching for a business someone with my background could run, I bought your package. If you remember, I called you and asked you to take the time to explain to me exactly what you would do if you were starting your business from scratch. You spent nearly an hour with me on the phone and walked me through what you would do, step-by-step. I followed your advice to the letter (the same advice I found was contained in your manuals and videos). Within six months I was remanufacturing more toner cartridges per month than I had hoped to do in my first year! Doing more than 1,000 cartridges per month brings in more than $70,000 per month. If anyone says it can't be done, just tell them about me. Tell them that if a disabled, nearly bankrupt truck driver can do it, they can, too!" Gene Van G. - Iowa*

"One of your 'competitors' (or so we thought at the time) told us that there was no way in the world that someone could learn how to remanufacture toner cartridges through videotape training only. They convinced us that we should pay $4,000 (and actually up to $10,000 or more if you read their 'fine print') to go 'south' to their facility to learn how to remanufacture cartridges in person. When we talked to Annette at your firm (who we later learned is your wife), she said you have trained more than 2,500 individuals around the world using only the videos. She also said that instead of believing what anyone says (she included herself in that statement, too!) or anything other than our own eyes, she suggested we take advantage of your two-tape $49.95 'Fast-Track Introductory Pack' to see for ourselves whether this was something we could learn off of a video. I can still hear her saying, "Believe me, this isn't rocket science or brain surgery..." We bought it and even though the videos and manuals were so clear, detailed and well laid out, we were still ready to plunk down the four grand those master salespeople at the other firm convinced us we would have to spend. At the last minute, we decided to call your firm and ask for references. That was what it took to convince us that the videos just might do it (okay, that and the fact that you were the only firm out there that had written, clearly spelled out money-back guarantees that would allow us to get our money back in the event we felt your training was not good enough, something the $4,000+ boys would not offer at any price). Sorry this is taking so long, but, the only reason we are writing to you is to tell you that you were 100% correct. This business can easily be learned in the comfort of your home. How do we know? Because we did it and we are living proof. Our business is thriving. The money we saved by going with The Laser Group is sitting in a mutual fund right now. Thank you for telling it to us straight. The only thing we regret? We didn't get to meet you and thank you in person." Albert and Alberta H. - New York*

"You want to know what I think of your training? It works, it's worth ten times the price, the business is even easier and more profitable than you said it would be and calling my own shots and answering only to myself is a feeling like no other. What more can I say? Until you take the plunge and get into the business on your own, you won't know what you're missing." Gary L. - California*

"Duane, I'm just like you. I start my day at 5:00am. work until 1:00pm and then play golf. Could I work more or make more money? Sure. But I make more in a day by 1:00pm than I used to make in a week. Plus, my golf game is better than ever. Best of everything to you and Annette!" Jon Z.- Kentucky*

(* None of the individuals or companies offering testimonials received any sort of compensation. In addition, our references receive no compensation, either.)