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The Laser Group Offers the Best Remanufactured Cartridges and the Best Cartridge Remanufacturing Training...

Our philosophy is easy to understand.

People buy laser printers not to save money (if they wanted to save money, they would buy a dot matrix or inkjet printer). Instead, every laser printer owner will tell you the reason they bought a laser printer was for the "typeset" quality. In our remanufacturing training and in our remanufactured cartridges, we place the emphasis where our customers demand it be placed - quality comes first.

sThe Laser Group's Toner Cartridge Remanufacturing Philosophy

As you can tell from our main page, not only are we in the business of remanufacturing toner cartridges for a huge nationwide retail and wholesale customer base, we are also in the business of teaching other individuals how to remanufacture their own cartridges.

Thanks to this huge customer base and an ever-increasing base of trainees, we are constantly engaged in research and development to produce the best toner cartridges possible. New techniques, supplies and combations thereof are constantly evaluated for potential performance enhancement. This constant R&D gives us a huge performance advantage in our remanufactured toner cartridges.

Keep in mind, though, that with all this research and development and the benefit of over 150,000 remanufactured toner cartridges under our belt, we have one goal and one goal only; to produce a cartridge which equals the performance of the original in every respect at a substantially better price. As long as we do that, everyone is happy.

The Laser Group's Toner Cartridge Remanufacturing Process

While we were one of the first companies involved in toner cartridge remanufacturing (we began our remanufacturing operations nearly twelve years ago), you will never hear us join the legions of other toner cartridge remanufacturers who claim their cartridges will print darker, last longer and make your breath smell sweeter, all at the same time.

Let's face it, the OEM cartridges (original equipment manufacturer) made by the likes of Canon and Hewlett Packard work perfectly. The likelihood that any of us in this business can make remanufactured cartridges which work better than those originally designed and produced by multi-billion dollar conglomerates using all new components on every cycle is slim to none.

Our customers demand only two things from our remanufactured toner cartridges - performance equal to the original and at a significantly reduced price. That's exactly what we provide. And, after years of R&D, we agree wholeheartedly with the the manufacturing philisophies of Canon and Hewlett Packard that there is only one way to achieve those two goals and that is to replace every single critical image production component in the cartridge on every single remanufacture (just like they do when they produce their new cartridges).

New OPC Drum, Wiper Blade, Mag Roller Sleeve and Primary Corona

The components we replace during each and every remanufacture are the photo-optic drum (the very heart of the cartridge), silicone wiper blade (employed during the image production process to remove any toner left on the drum after the image has been transferred to the paper), developer roller/"magnetic roller sleeve" (responsible for delivering a uniform density of toner to the photo-optic drum), and, where applicable, the primary corona roller or ultrasonically cleaned corona assembly.

The Laser Group's Toner Cartridge "100% Satisfaction Guarantee"

Although our proprietary methods which replace every critical image production component on each and every remanufacture result in the highest possible costs for materials, this unique philosophy (outside of the OEM) results in an extremely low cartridge failure rate, similar to that of the OEM (original equipment manufacturer). This low failure rate eliminates the need for huge staffs of support personnel. In addition, since our cartridges are covered by a 100% "Satisfaction Guarantee", in the highly unlikely event you ever receive a Laser Group toner cartridge which does not meet with your approval, we will replace it, repair it or refund your money, no questions asked.