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Used Printers, Computers, Audio/Video Equipment - Updated 12/08/99

In the course of our business we use a wide variety of equipment.  From laser printers to computers, air compressors to video editing equipment and everything in-between.  When we move to new equipment, put old equipment out to pasture, locate great buys on others, we make them available here.  The list changes frequently, so stop by often.

Hewlett Packard LaserJet Series II (Canon EP-S/SX engine) (Used)

For those of you who are interested in getting into the remanufacturing industry, having a "Test printer" for every one of the cartridge types you remanufacture is of the utmost importance (it is the only way you can verify the quality of your work before you put it into your customer's hands).  A "test printer" is nothing more than the printer which uses the type of cartridge in question.  The most frequently found toner cartridge to this day is the Canon EP-S/SX (found most frequently inside the Hewlett Packard LaserJet Series II/IID/III/IIID printers).

This printer will allow you to test up to 50% of all the cartridges you run into during your prospecting.  While this printer has not been sold "new" since 1992, the install base that still exists is absolutely massive.  When new, this printer sold for approximately $1500!  <We have a limited supply of used Series II printers for only $495.  Purchase our videotape training at the same time, and the printer is yours for only $395!

Panasonic KXP-1123 Dot Matrix Printer (2) (Used)

Until we switched accounting programs, we used to print out all of our invoices on multi-part forms.  In order to do that, we needed dot-matrix impact printers. These 24-pin printers work fine and are in great condition.  We paid around $200 (each) for them. We are asking $95 (each).  Make us an offer!

Epson LQ-800 NLQ (Near Letter Quality) Printer (Used)

Before we started relying on our laser printers for everything we print out, we used our dot matrix printers.  This one was too "nice" to use for our billing, so we would use it for our correspondence.  Epson's name is synonymous with dot-matrix quality.  This is a 24-pin, NLQ (near letter quality) unit in great condition. We paid over $400 for it (okay, it was a while ago).  We are asking $125. Make us an offer!

Goldstar 435C 4-Head VHS VCR (4) (Used)

Since we produce all of our own training videos in-house, we also need a way to duplicate all of our videos.  The Goldstar 435 series of four-head VCRs have worked admirably in that regard.  Periodically we put in new VCRs (of the newer Goldstar 435 series) and put the other units out to pasture.  We currently have four units for sale.  Are these units in perfect, like-new condition?  No.  Are they perfect for that spare VCR you have always wanted for the kids, the shop or the garage?  Absolutely!  We paid about $195 (each) when new. We are asking $95 (each).  Make us an offer.

Sony SLVR5U S-VHS Editing Recorder (Used)

As you have probably figured out by now, we are partial to Sony "Pro-sumer" equipment.  After we were done mastering our tapes from our Sony V-801 Hi-8 camcorder (with RCTC time code!), through the RME-100 Editing Controller to the Sony EVS-900 Hi-8 Editing Recorder and Player, the tapes then had to be brought over to S-VHS for dubbing down to VHS for the "masses" to purchase.  That is where this fantastic SLV5RU S-VHS/VHS editing recorder and player unit came into play.

This deck has a complete cable-ready tuner built-in, editing optimized output, Hi-Fi stereo recording capability, S-VHS/VHS recording/playback capability, optional LTC time-code playback capability (thanks to over $500 worth of Carlson-Strand modifications), picture-in-picture, and much, much more!

Originally this deck set us back over $1200 (not to mention the $500 Carlson-Strand upgrades).  There is only one available and we are currently asking only $595.  If you already have a great big-screen TV or satellite system and want the perfect way to capture those fantastic images, this could be it!

The Details (Shipping, Payment, etc.)

To buy any of these items, or for additional details, call us at 954.957.8882, Fax us at 954.957.7728 or email us.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, Discover, personal or company checks (when a voided copy of the check is faxed to us first - Fax: 954.957.7728).

Shipping is not included and will be charged at whatever price we are charged by your preferred shipper (we recommend you use only "big-time", "legit" shippers like UPS or FedEx to make certain your purchase gets to you in one piece, on-time).  We regret we cannot hold any items without full payment in advance.  If you have any questions, please call.